The First Multi-Dimensional Platform That Closes the Gap with Speed and Certainty

Beable identifies and closes the literacy and opportunity gap for all student groups, in all settings, utilizing the most advanced technologies and proven-effective methodologies, including differentiation, individualization and personalization. Just as smartphones integrated so many essential capabilities into a single platform, so does Beable. Think of it as the ‘iPhone of education’ – a single platform that can cost-effectively replace and significantly improve upon multiple individual solutions. Its core is the proprietary BeableIQ® engine, which features three unique tools to create tailored pathways to literacy and life-ready success for each and every student.

Learner Record

Create Learner Records To Know and Advance the Whole Child

Uses multiple assessments to develop Learner Records in English and Spanish, including reading levels, strengths, interests, values, goals and accomplishments, in order to set academic and personal career goals.


Know Exactly Where Your Kids Are...and Where They Need to Go

Automatically identifies students’ gaps...and forecasts and prescribes the number of reading lessons and types of scaffolds each student needs to close them.


Apply the Best Methodologies at the Right Times and in the Right Settings

Automatically applies the best methodologies per student to accelerate growth, including differentiation of lesson content, individualization of scaffolds and personalization of additional readings and career exploration.


Beable delivers multiple solutions integrated into a single system: From Lexile acceleration and career exposure to test-prep and credit recovery. From in-school and at-home to summer programs.

Because of its multi-dimensional approach, Beable addresses all levels of an MTSS system, including general education, ELL and SpED. Its multi-dimensionality also empowers gifted and talented students to stretch to higher performance levels.


Beable incorporates differentiation, individualization and personalization, providing an individualized path to literacy and lifelong success for every student in a classroom and across a district.

Assesses the
Whole Child

  • Reading and vocabulary levels
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Personal interests/aspirations
  • Personal growth needs
  • Aptitudes and career preferences


  • Grade-level content at just-right reading level
  • Content area assessments
  • ACT/SAT readiness
  • Vocabulary for Annual Growth Grade & content specific


  • Classroom & homework ‘dosage’
  • Extra skills scaffolding Reading comprehension, vocabulary, foundational
  • Added time to prep for class instruction Flipped & pull-out
  • Extra academic practice outside of class Based on dosage needs
  • Vocabulary for Catch-Up Growth Gaps from earlier grades


  • Goal-setting and tracking
  • Content customized to interests/passions
  • Career exploration
  • Vocabulary reflecting interests & careers Interests, hobbies, careers

Equitable Access
to ACT/SAT Prep

Test-prep is an essential and integrated component of Beable’s Life-Ready Literacy System. Beable TestAhead® directly addresses test-prep inequity – and the resulting impact on graduation and college admissions rates. With TestAhead, you can make test-prep part of your curriculum, so all kids get high-quality ACT/SAT prep in school.

Even more, TestAhead gives your kids the best in test-prep – a revolutionary approach that uses machine learning and crowd wisdom to improve cognitive flexibility and test performance.

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