As real-world literacy needs grow ever-greater, Beable’s Life-Ready Literacy System, powered by the BeableIQ engine, gives each student a tailored path to graduate with the skills they need, regardless of their starting points.

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Beable’s multi-dimensional approach can help close the gap. Once and for all.

All students deserve the opportunity to succeed. To learn how to be proficient readers and writers. To know what’s possible in their lives. To earn their high school diplomas. To graduate ready for college, ready for careers, ready to be extraordinary.

Yet, increasing complexity in the workforce sets the bar higher. And as a result, kids need more. They need literacy growth to match their career goals. They need exposure to careers that reflect their interests and aptitudes. They need high-quality test-prep provided in school. Students and educators alike need a multi-dimensional approach to literacy and life-readiness. Now, they have one. Beable.

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The Challenge:

The Growing Literacy And Life-Readiness Gap

Literacy. Test-prep. College- and career-readiness. Equity. The growing gap needs to be closed, now.

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The Engine:

The BeableIQ Data and Automation Engine

The BeableIQ engine combines data intelligence, automation and digital agility at a whole new level.

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The Approach:

The First Multi-Dimensional Life-Ready Literacy System

Only Beable provides a multi-dimensional approach based on the needs and goals of the whole child.